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Restaurant 56 grader

In close collaboration with an IT programmer, I have made restaurant 56 grader’ profile and presence visible in the digital world.

Based on an analysis of the restaurant’s concept, their values, their wishes for the future, I prepared an SEO analysis of the website.
Restaurant 56 degrees decided that the website should be improved, optimized and made easier for employees to use.

In collaboration with an IT programmer, we moved the website from a CMS system to WordPress.
Improved and optimized all content on the website to make the restaurant stands as sharp as possible.
Updated the technical part of the website to make it easier to find in search engines.
The website was made user-friendly, that will make it easier for the restaurant’s guests to get an overview of lunch, evenings, company dinners, events and much more.
Conversion optimization of the website in order to increase the conversion rate.

To make life easier for the head chef, my IT programmer has ensured that when the head chef replaces a dish in the menu, the dish is transferred directly to the website.


The website appears in Google with a sharp profile that is true to the restaurant’s identity.
A user-friendly website that makes it easy for current and potential guests to use.

Sushikok & Sake Sommelier Zoë Escher

In 2017, I made the website in close collaboration with an IT programmer.
Keyword analysis and develop SEO strategy for the website.
Writing and SEO optimized all texts with a focus on the target group.
Execution of the strategy in order to increase organic traffic and improve the website’s position on google.
Conversion optimization of the website in order to increase the conversion rate.
Create content strategy. Written content for more than 800 blog posts.
Over the years, I have built a new strong brand in the market.


The website has a position as No. 1 on Google, for relevant keywords.

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