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SEO is not just SEO.
It is a process where your website undergoes a development that attracts your ideal customers and boosts traffic from Google.


An SEO analysis is a status report of your website.
It tells me how your website is doing here and now, where you are losing money and how it is doing among the many millions of websites in Google.

With the SEO analysis in my hand, I lay out a strategy on how to fulfill your goals and wishes for the future.


Do you get a cold sweat on your forehead when you hear the words Technical SEO?
You are not the only one and that is why I am here.

Google has many millions of websites to keep track of.
If Google cannot understand your website, it disappears in the crowd, and then no one can find your website, including potential customers who are searching frantically for what you offer.

With Technical SEO, I help Google to understand your website, so that Google can display your website with the speed of lightning to potential customers.


Google has robotic assistants to help read texts and images, yes all content on every page of billions of websites. That is wild!!

Based on what the robot assistants have read, Google decides whether your website should be shown to potential customers who are actively looking for what you offer. Google is ice cold.

Google compares your website with your closest competitors. The website that has the best SEO optimized content is presented to potential customers as one of the first.

This is where I come into the picture. I know exactly what type of content makes Google choose your website over your closest competitors.


Link building is your shortcut to strengthening your brand identity at the same time as it boosts your website’s ranking on Google.

Links are not just links. Top quality links are the ones that Google loves.
When it is known how you would like your brand identity to be perceived by your audience, I lay out a link building strategy.

Curious if I should turbocharge your website and attract excited customers. You can contact me at It is non-binding.

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